Seasonal Wonders in the Stirling Range

Seasonal Wonders

The Stirling Range's Year-Round Beauty

Each season offers a unique Stirling Ranges (including the famous Bluff Knoll) experience. Make them yours!


Stirling Range in Autumn

Put your head in the clouds and marvel at the sky cascading down the mountain slopes.

Cool weather and a later dawn combine for the additional magic of bush walking.


Stirling Range in Winter

Winter is snow time! Bluff Knoll and other peaks offer a popular and rare opportunity to experience West Australian snow.

Right conditions offer a lofty soft, white carpet.


Stirling Range in Spring

This is height of the Bloom Festival when a floral fantasia erupts into a dazzling display of Hakeas, Banksias, Acacias, Canola and Orchids, many of the latter found no where else in the world!


Stirling Range iN SUmmer

Perfect for the comfort and invigoration of an early dawn walk. Then take a refreshing splash and laze around the pool before taking in the regions award-winning wineries/vineyards and fabulous food.

Seasonal Wonders in the Stirling Range